Big changes for Communauto this spring!

Saying goodbye to trip coupons

Starting April 1st, it will no longer be necessary to complete a trip coupon at the end of a trip in a Communauto vehicle. Our cars’ integrated system will automatically take care of it, as it is already the case for Auto-mobile cars. Coupon books will gradually be removed from all vehicles. Follow the instructions below concerning expense reimbursement and use of the credits cars which are being deployed in the vehicles and will soon be activated (cannot be used yet). When these cards are activated, you won’t need to send us receipts anymore! Still in development.

Five questions regarding potholes

Every spring, potholes become the bane of every driver in Quebec. When you do spot one on time, it’s not always possible to swerve out of its way without causing an accident. Tires, wheels, shocks, steering, suspension…they can cause all kinds of damage, and prove to be costly, too. Here are a few tips taken from La Capitale’s blog to make it through pothole season without going crazy!

Five Winter Activities: From Extreme Adventures to Relaxing Outings

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Here in Quebec, we know that nothing beats spending the winter outdoors! Who says visiting parks and historic sites is only for hot summer days? Parks Canada recommends five activities to help you get the most out of the season and (re)discover our extraordinary sites in all their winter charm. Do you enjoy extreme sports alone or with friends? Are romantic strolls with a loved one or cultural activities for the whole family more up your alley? Whether it’s for a weekend or just an afternoon, our sites have something for everyone. In case you need more convincing, admission to all Parks Canada sites is free in 2018 for everyone under the age of 17. What a wonderful way to spend precious moments with your family, no matter the season!

4 reasons to go canoe-camping at Lac Mauricie National Park

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You have always admired your neighbor who adds up the long weekends of canoe-camping, because you would never dare try this activity? By not engaging in this sport, you risk missing out an amazing outdoor experience. Parcs Canada lists the 4 best reasons to participate in this unique outdoor activity, especially in Lac Mauricie National Park.

5 excursions within 90 minutes of Montreal

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It’s only been a few weeks (or, for the lucky ones, days) since you returned to work and you’re already thinking about your next excursion. In cooperation with Parks Canada, we’ve come up with five trips to take you off the beaten track and give you a change in scenery!

These enchanting settings offer a unique environment for picnics with family or friends.

Psst! Look out for the Parks Canada Discovery Passes inside all Communauto vehicles and enjoy free park admission!