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Five Winter Activities: From Extreme Adventures to Relaxing Outings

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Here in Quebec, we know that nothing beats spending the winter outdoors! Who says visiting parks and historic sites is only for hot summer days? Parks Canada recommends five activities to help you get the most out of the season and (re)discover our extraordinary sites in all their winter charm. Do you enjoy extreme sports alone or with friends? Are romantic strolls with a loved one or cultural activities for the whole family more up your alley? Whether it’s for a weekend or just an afternoon, our sites have something for everyone. In case you need more convincing, admission to all Parks Canada sites is free in 2018 for everyone under the age of 17. What a wonderful way to spend precious moments with your family, no matter the season!

Four good reasons why you should clear the snow off your car

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What a joy it is for the little ones to wake up to a fresh layer of immaculate snow! But all adults see is one more chore heaped on top of the others that make up a packed morning routine. It can be tempting to clear the snow off just one part of the car, but it’s better to take the time to clear it off completely. Here are a few explanations taken from La Capitale’s blog.

Quatre bonnes raisons de déneiger l’auto

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Quelle joie pour les petits de découvrir que la nuit a laissé une nouvelle couche de neige immaculée! Quant à eux, la plupart des adultes n’y voient qu’une étape supplémentaire dans la routine du matin déjà bien remplie. Bien qu’il puisse être tentant de ne déneiger qu’une partie de l’auto, mieux vaut prendre le temps de la déneiger complètement. Quelques explications tirées du blogue de La Capitale.