Combination lock boxes in underground stations

As you know, it is still necessary in certain stations to use the metal key that we provided when you first joined to recover the vehicle key or to get the card or key to access the parking lot. This is most often the case in underground stations, but not exclusively. However, this practice will soon be a thing of the past.

The key boxes of these stations will be replaced by lock boxes with combinations. A 4-digit code will now be required to retrieve the key or any other accessory (for example, the parking lot access card/key, etc.).

You will find this code in the following places:

  • In the description of your selection (when creating a reservation)
  • In the list of current or upcoming reservations
  • In the reservation confirmation email (if you selected the option to receive these)

The 4-digit codes will be different from one lock box to the other. Once you have the car key and/or the parking lot access device, you can access the car as usual. Do not hesitate to consult the info station by clicking on the name of the station.

To learn more about the 2 existing ways of accessing the station-based vehicles, click here.

Until we have replaced all the key boxes of the stations with combination ones, watch for the note:
Parking station lock box code: XXXX.

If the key box has not been replaced, a note will not be displayed. You must also have the newest version of the app to see these notes.

It will be in Quebec City and at the following stations that the use of combination lock boxes will begin in the coming days:

Name and number of the station Content of key boxes
43 – St-Jean et Philippe-Dorval Parking access device
55 – Campanile et Laudance Parking access device + Car key
74 – Saunders et Des Érables Parking access device + Car key
89 – Place d’Youville Car key
100 – Fleurie et de la Chapelle Parking access device
115 – St-Louis et Jacques-Beauséjour Car key

The other cities should follow quickly, so stay alert!

Don’t forget to update your mobile app!