Big changes for Communauto this spring!

Saying goodbye to trip coupons

Starting April 1st, it will no longer be necessary to complete a trip coupon at the end of a trip in a Communauto vehicle. Our cars’ integrated system will automatically take care of it, as it is already the case for Auto-mobile cars. Coupon books will gradually be removed from all vehicles. Follow the instructions below concerning expense reimbursement and use of the credits cars which are being deployed in the vehicles and will soon be activated (cannot be used yet). When these cards are activated, you won’t need to send us receipts anymore! Still in development.

Comments concerning the condition of a vehicle

If necessary, use our Contact Form to send us your comments on the condition of a vehicle (cleanliness, fuel level, or other). Choose the « Note on the state of the car at pick-up » option as the purpose.

Easy submission of purchase receipts

We just launched a new version of our mobile app that will allow you to submit your purchase credit requests by simply sending us a picture of your receipt rather than placing them in an envelope in the glove compartment.

Update your app today to enjoy this new feature!

Once your app is updated, you can manage your receipts directly from your smartphone. It’s quite simple :

  • Click on: ‘‘Add / View Receipts’’ in the new « Trip in progress » banner or by checking the « Reservation list ».
  • Click on: ‘‘Add a Receipt’’ to upload a first receipt or on « +  » to upload more than one.;
  • Click on: ‘’Add a photo’’ ;
  • Take a photo of your receipt or select an existing one from your device. Make sure that the photo is legible. If you don’t have an internet connection at the time of purchase, you can take a picture of your receipt and upload it later.
  • Indicate the amount, the date and time of the purchase, then click on ‘’Save’’.

If you do not have a smartphone, you will be able to send us your receipts, in the next few days, through your online account. The procedure will be the same.

To be safe, always keep your paper receipts until your purchase has been credited.