7 methods to reduce the risk of fire

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Many fires in Quebec homes are caused by a reckless or negligent act. But did you know that there are simple and efficient ways to reduce the risk of fire? Here are 7 tricks taken from La Capitale’s blog!



1. Be well-equipped so you can react quickly

  • Purchase a portable ABC-rated fire extinguisher and install it in the kitchen. Make sure it’s easy to access and in good working order.
  • Place smoke detectors near bedrooms.
  • Change the batteries and check that the devices are in good working order every 6 months.
  • Replace your detectors every 10 years.

2. Be extra cautious in the kitchen

  • Choose your pots carefully. They should always be larger than the burner you’re using and large enough to contain the quantity of food to be cooked without overflowing.
  • Keep a cover nearby that is of the same size or larger than the pot you’re using to be able to quickly put out a fire.
  • Always keep an eye on the cooking food and turn off any cooking device if you need to leave the kitchen.
  • Clean your kitchen often and make sure to wipe away any spills.
  • Clean your exhaust hood’s filter every 6 months to prevent grease from accumulating.
  • When frying, always use a thermostat-controlled electric fryer.

3. Be careful when doing laundry

  • Clean the lint filter after each use.
  • Vacuum your dryer’s exhaust duct and inspect it every 6 months.
  • Make sure the dryer’s vent is not blocked by snow, leaves or lint.
  • Never operate the dryer when there is no one at home.
  • Never use your household appliances to wash or dry items soaked in or stained by oil, solvent, gasoline, paint, wax or any other flammable substance.
  • Never use your dryer on items that contain or are made of rubber.
  • Never use a baseboard heater to dry clothes, rags or shoes.

4. Stay informed about hazardous materials and store them in a safe place

  • Hazardous material that should be kept away from heat sources: alcohol, contact cement, paint thinner, oils, fondue fuel, oil paint, cleaning products, nail polish, etc.
  • Products that should be stored outdoors at all times: gasoline and propane.

5. Never overload electric outlets, extension cords and multiple sockets

6. Use wood burning appliances safely

  • Always allow the ashes to cool outside for 2 days in a metal container with a lid before disposing of them.
  • Have your chimney swept every fall.

7. Be aware of the risks and take precautionary measures if you’re a smoker

  • Use a proper ashtray that is placed on a stable surface.
  • Don’t smoke when falling asleep or in bed.
  • Never place stubs in a flower pot or flower bed

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