Four good reasons why you should clear the snow off your car

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What a joy it is for the little ones to wake up to a fresh layer of immaculate snow! But all adults see is one more chore heaped on top of the others that make up a packed morning routine. It can be tempting to clear the snow off just one part of the car, but it’s better to take the time to clear it off completely. Here are a few explanations taken from La Capitale’s blog.

1. Reduced visibility increases the risk of an accident

Seem obvious? It may seem that way, but you will still come across vehicles that only have part of the snow cleared off during winter. To ensure good visibility, it’s not enough to clear the snow off half the windshield!

The windshield and all windows should be completely cleared of snow or ice. Use a snow brush or scraper and make sure the wipers are cleared of snow and ice too before you turn them on to avoid damaging them.

The front and back lights should also be cleared so other drivers can see when you intend to turn. Good visibility at the wheel also means being visible to others!

2. A load of snow or ice on a vehicle increases the risk of accidents

It’s very important to also clear the hood, roof and trunk of your vehicle before you drive off. Otherwise, the load of snow or ice can break off your vehicle.

When you accelerate, the load can land on vehicles behind you and cause damage or cause significant injuries to other drivers.

When you brake suddenly, the snow or ice on the roof of your car could slide down onto your windshield. This can not only obstruct your view, but your wipers could get damaged too, and the weight of the snow or ice on your wipers can prevent them operating properly, namely clearing snow and ice from your windshield.

3. The driver of a vehicle that has not been completely cleared of snow can face additional fines and fees

The Highway Safety Code includes fines for drivers who put their safety and the safety of others at risk. Driving with windows or a windshield that has not been cleared of snow could result in a fine of $100 to $200. Should a chunk of snow or ice fly off your vehicle while you’re driving, it could set you back $60 to $100.

Also, if you cause damage to another vehicle or cause an accident while driving a vehicle that has not been cleared of snow, you will have to make an auto insurance claim to reimburse the driver of the damaged vehicle, or pay for the damage. In addition to paying the deductible, you will likely see a premium hike that will be in your file for the foreseeable future.

4- Clearing the snow from your vehicle is good for your health
While you’re clearing away the snow, you’re breathing clean air and you’re moving! It’s a great way to kick off your day.
Does waking up to snow stress you out? Get in the habit of checking on the weather the night before so you can plan your day and how you will get around.

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