4 reasons to go canoe-camping at Lac Mauricie National Park

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You have always admired your neighbor who adds up the long weekends of canoe-camping, because you would never dare try this activity? By not engaging in this sport, you risk missing out an amazing outdoor experience. Parcs Canada lists the 4 best reasons to participate in this unique outdoor activity, especially in Lac Mauricie National Park.

To discover some remote and wild places of Quebec

At La Mauricie National Park, more than 150 locations are scattered around a dozen lakes. Enjoy a meal that has been gently warmed over the campfire at sunset, as if you were the only human beings on earth.

Go paddle along at La Baie des Onze Îles to observe fauna you won’t see anywhere else in the park: Pike, walleye, bass, waterfowl, wolves, deer, beavers, moose, etc.

Because sites are very well maintained and safe

All of the sites in La Mauricie National Park are well laid out and most of them include dry toilet, firewood shelters, picnic table, tent platforms, fireplace, bear-proof food hanger. Moreover, more than 30 bodies of water are directly accessible from the Parkway or through a network of canoe trails.

The sites of Wapizagonke and Édouard lakes have been completely restored offering now more privacy and harmony with their natural environment.

To access unique locations in a protected space

On the way to your isolated and beautiful camping site, you will cross a wide range of landscapes. You will sleep near meanders, falls, beaches, etc. For your first experience, head to Wapizagonke Lake and discover its magnificent cliffs.

As a couple or family, paddle leisurely along La Baie de Cobb for its beautiful sandy beaches or Lac du Caribou for its crystal-clear waters.

The most intrepid ones can take a trip to Anticagamac Lake, extremely rugged and perfect for wild garden enthusiasts.

Because it does not require more preparation than regular camping

Be sure to bring the following essentials :

  • Sleeping bag, blankets and ground sheet;
  • Canoe, paddles and life jacket (or «for rent» on site);
  • Food, drink and container for water;
  • Clothing;
  • Dishware, cookset;
  • Coolers, for outings that do not involve long portages;
  • Rope for hanging food;
  • Flashlight;
  • Matches or lighter;
  • Insect repellent.

Be sure to advise friends and family of your planned destinations.

Year after year, 15,000 canoe-campers visit La Mauricie National Park to relax, have fun and recharge.

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