5 excursions within 90 minutes of Montreal

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It’s only been a few weeks (or, for the lucky ones, days) since you returned to work and you’re already thinking about your next excursion. In cooperation with Parks Canada, we’ve come up with five trips to take you off the beaten track and give you a change in scenery!

These enchanting settings offer a unique environment for picnics with family or friends.

Psst! Look out for the Parks Canada Discovery Passes inside all Communauto vehicles and enjoy free park admission!

1. Step back in time to the 19th at Manoir Papineau

After following the 800-metre pathway deep into the forest, enter the 19th century via the manor house’s great door. The imposing manor house is surrounded by lawns, a garden and a wooded area with its very own stream. There are a number of 19th century outbuildings including the family museum, the granary, the funeral chapel where six generations of Papineaus were laid to rest, the tea house and a rustic bell tower.

Open until October 9.

Cost of transport for the day: $90 by Communauto (ex Montreal)

Vue sur le Fort-Chambly et reconstitution d’un campement militaire de l’époque de 1812. 8 octobre 2011. Lieu historique national du Fort-Chambly / View of Fort Chambly and re-enactment of an 1812-era military encampment. October 8, 2011. Fort Chambly National Historic Site

2. Immerse you in the kitchens of the 17th and 18th centuries at the Fort-Chambly

Inside this impressive french fortification, which was constructed in 1711: try on a uniform, load the cannon and participate in a broad range of guided activities. Time is running out for the temporary exhibition, “A Taste of Nouvelle-France” in which are highlighted five foods of the time: bread, pumpkin, peas, chocolate and beer. You will leave at home with a mini book of old recipes revisited by five famous chefs including Ricardo and Bob the chef.

Open until Octobr 9.

Cost of transport for the day: $26 by Communauto (ex Montreal)

Young visitors wearing period costumes inside a tent in the reconstruction of the 1812 battle, Battle of the Châteauguay National Historic Site

3. Immerse yourself in a battlefield at the Battle of the Châteauguay National Historic Site

How did a battle in which 300 Canadian fighters managed to defeat 2,000 Americans change the course of the war? Adults and children are invited to dress up in period costumes and discover this historical event in the interpretation centre featuring an indoor lookout and a scale model. Visitors can also walk the groomed trail surrounding this former battlefield. History fans will learn about the Canadian troops’ effective defence strategy, while other visitors can simply take in the glorious natural surroundings along the river. Several children’s activities are also available, such as a giant chess game.

Open until October 9.

Cost of transport for the day: $50 by Communauto (ex Montreal)

4. Discover the secrets of the devil’s spring at Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site

On the banks of the Saint-Maurice River, the forges take you on a tour of the first industry in Canada. Step into the Grande Maison (the “ironmasters’ house”) and the blast furnace interpretation centre to discover this key site where, for 150 years, stoves, train wheels, armaments, ploughs and numerous other items needed by the settlers and the military were manufactured. Immerse yourself in village life by taking a guided tour (which begins at 2:00 pm, reservation required), taking in the exhibitions of cast iron artifacts and listening to the devil’s legend.

Open until September 4.

Cost of transport for the day: $90 by Communauto (ex Montreal)

5. Marvel at the impressive lock at Carillon Canal Carillon Canal

It’s difficult not to be awestruck by this imposing structure located on the Ottawa River, the only one of its kind in North America. The Carillon lock has a guillotine gate that is opened by a counterweight of almost 200 tonnes. It is moored to floating docks installed in the centre of the lock, which allows boats to navigate a drop of over 20 metres (65 feet) in less than 45 minutes!

Open all year round.

Cost of transport for the day: $70 by Communauto (ex Montreal)



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