4 facts about right turns at red lights

Do you make right turns at red lights on a daily basis? Test your knowledge with these facts from La Capitale’s blog!

4 facts about right turns at red lights

Many Quebec drivers turn right on red lights every day. Statistics from the Ministère des Transports allow us to conclude that this practice didn’t result in very many auto insurance claims between 2003 and 2013. But this seemingly simple action must be done according to certain rules to be done safely. Here are a few facts from La Capitale’s blog to find out everything you need to know on the subject!

The safe way to make right turns on red

  1. Stop: You must come to a full stop before the stop line or the pedestrian crosswalk.
  2. Look: Verify traffic signs to make sure that a right turn is permitted on red, then check that no other vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist is crossing the intersection or on the verge of crossing. Don’t forget to check your rearview mirror and your right blind spot.
  3. Decide: You can now turn if you wish, after ensuring that the way is clear.

2. Turning right on red is not mandatory

It’s up to each driver or cyclist to decide whether or not to turn right at a red light, even if the conditions allow for a safe turn. Is the driver behind you impatient for you to turn and
leaning on the horn? He or she could be fined $100 to $200 for the unnecessary use of a horn.

3. Drivers and cyclists must follow traffic signs

If a right turn is allowed on red, you must come to a full stop whether you are driving a car or riding a bike. If signs prohibit right turns, this applies to cyclists as well. If you don’t obey the signs, you could be fined from $100 to $200 and get three demerit points if you are driving a car or you could be fined $100 if you are cycling.

4. Pedestrians have the right of way at all times

Drivers and cyclists must give pedestrians the right of way when the pedestrian light is on, or if there isn’t a pedestrian light, when the light is green. The pedestrian light is on, but there are no pedestrians to be seen? In that case, if the right turn can be done safely, it’s allowed.

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